ECHO Base Fly Fishing Reel

Line Weight

Collections: Fly Fishing Reels

Type: Fly Fishing Reel

A durable, impact resistant frame, paired with a mega-smooth drag and stainless inner components make these an excellent entry-level reel at a mind-blowing price. Available in three sizes - the 2/3, 4/5, and 6/8.


Why This Reel?

    Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
    Backlash-free instant drag reaction
    Durable, impact resistant frame
    One way roller clutch for instant drag reaction

    Reel Specifications

     Reel Diameter Width Weight Line Capacity
    #2/3 76mm (3.0") 23mm (.9") 133 grams WF3+75/20
    #4/5 89mm (3.5") 23mm (.9") 145 grams WF5+100/20
    #6/8 99mm (3.9") 28mm (1.1") 170 grams WF7+175/20

     Care & Handling

    We would like your ECHO experience to be a good one and we ask that you take care of your equipment with the following regular maintenance:

    Wash all components with warm freshwater after each days use in saltwater.  Occasionally use a few drops of any reel oil or grease on the reel seat threads to keep it operating smoothly. 

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