ECHO SR Switch Fly Rod


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Category: Switch

Type: Fly Fishing Rod

Fast actions and versatile sizes make the ECHO SR series the best stick for two-handed swingers that prefer a shorter rod. The #3-5 models are ideal for trout  everywhere, while the #6-8 handle larger anadromous fish with authority. Slick cosmetics and bombproof componentry help solidify the SR as the fishiest switch rod on the water.




Why this Rod?

Four piece travel design
Blank:  Dark slate gloss
Action:  Fast
Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
Guides: Hard chrome single foot guides
Grips:  Features twp grip styles with composite inserts
Reel Seat:  Black anodized reel seat
Warranty:  Echo Lifetime Warranty


Rod Specifications

 Rod Length Action Weight Handle Pieces
#3 10'6" Fast 164 grams A 4
#4 10'6" Fast 170 grams A 4
#5 10'8" Fast 181 grams A 4
#6 10'10" Fast 190 grams B 4
#7 10'10" Fast 198 grams B 4
#8 10'10" Fast 202 grams B 4


Care & Handling

We would like your ECHO experience to be a good one and we ask that you take care of your equipment with the following regular maintenance:

Wash all components with warm freshwater after each days use in saltwater. Pay extra attention to the space where the guides meet the blank and the metal parts of the reel seat. Try to keep sand and dirt out of the ferrules. Occasionally use a few drops of any reel oil or grease on the reel seat threads to keep it operating smoothly. Paraffin wax can also be used on the ferrules if needed to ensure a proper fit.

Do not use tape on your ferrules. If you do we'll come steal all your bacon.


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